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The rules and regulations of Honesdale Golf Club are designed to protect the rights and privileges of members of the club, their families and guests and to protect club property. The rules have been formulated to acquaint the members of the club with the services available to them and the proper utilization of the facilities.


It is our mission to provide members and their guests an exceptional experience.

Dress Code

1. Appropriate golf dress attire is required on the course and in the clubhouse at all times for members and guests ages 10 and up.
2. Men’s Dress Code: Examples of proper attire for men include shirts with a collar (mocks are acceptable), and golf slacks or tailored shorts. Shorts should be at or near knee length. T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, sweat pants, warm up pants, cut-offs and athletic shorts are examples of unacceptable course or clubhouse attire for men.
3. Women’s Dress Code: Examples of proper attire for women include golf skirts, slacks, capris, golf shorts, collared tops or athletic tops. Tank tops, halter tops, sweat pants, warm-up pants and cut-offs are examples of unacceptable course or clubhouse attire for women.
4. Sweaters and jeans may be worn by men and women before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, during the off-season, as defined by the board of directors.

Golf Handicaps

A golf handicap service is provided for all bonded members and other membership classes for a yearly fee to be determined by the board of directors.

1. To establish an accurate and legitimate handicap, players are requested to post scores after each complete round of golf.
2. To be eligible for tournament play, an authorized USGA handicap may be required as deemed necessary by the Head Golf Professional.

Golf Course Rules

1. The rules of golf from the United States Golf Association (USGA) govern play.
2. For insurance and record keeping purposes, all players must register at the Pro Shop before playing with the pro shop team member or digital kiosk.
3. Please repair ball marks on greens and sand divots in fairways.
4. Please rake your tracks when leaving a sand trap.
5. The Golf Committee, Head Golf Professional, or Golf Course Superintendent shall determine when the course conditions prohibit play.
6. Invited guests of a member must play with that member. Exceptions may be made for tournaments or other golf outings.
7. All play must begin on first (#1) tee from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, or at the discretion of the superintendent, golf professional or golf chairperson.
8. Groups of more than 4 players are discouraged while playing a hole or round on the course from Opening Day to October 1st of the golf season, unless special arrangements are made by the board of directors.
9. Upon reaching 16 years of age, children of full members become categorized as guests and must meet all requirements of guests or become junior members.
10. The alert of a Siren or Horn for severe weather or other notices are as follows:
a. 1 Long Siren or Horn – Immediately requires suspension of play due to a dangerous situation. Seek shelter or return to the clubhouse immediately.
b. 2 Blasts of Siren or Horn – Players may resume play.
c. 3 Blasts of Siren or Horn – This indicates suspension of game due to unplayable conditions; players are permitted to complete the play of their current hole if they desire to do so, but may not start on the next hole. Players then must return to the clubhouse or cart shed thereafter.
11. Practice golf activities shall be limited to those areas of the golf course designated for such activities. Practice is prohibited to, or on, regular greens and fairways of the golf course.
12. Metal spikes are prohibited.
13. After finishing a hole, place the flag in the hole and leave the green area immediately. Proceed to the next tee, do not remain parked along the side of the green; mark your scores at the next tee.
14. Each player must have their own set of clubs and a golf bag when playing the course.
15. Golfers stopping at the clubhouse at any time will lose their turn in the rotation or hole of play. Players behind a group of stopped golfers are encouraged to play through.
16. In order to close the course for any event, there must be a minimum of 36 players, or otherwise approved by the golf committee or board of directors as a special event.
17. Pace of play: Playing 9 holes at Honesdale Golf Club should be completed in 2 hours or less. You should be ready to hit your shot when it is your turn.
18. Play “ready golf” if your group is slow; please let other groups “play through”.
19. Golf Etiquette shall be enforced and applied at all times.

Golf Cart Operation

1. Individuals operating carts must have a valid driver’s license.
2. Carts are restricted to two riders and two bags.
3. Only two golfers and two golf bags are allowed per golf cart. No one is to ride a golf cart by holding on to the back of the cart where bags are kept.
4. During normal operating conditions, a 90-degree rule is always in effect. Carts are to remain on cart paths until reaching a point adjacent to where the ball lies. At that point, carts may be driven across fairway directly to the ball and should return to the cart path on the same line after the shot has been played.
5. The Golf Professional and Golf Course Superintendent shall determine when golf cart operation is prohibited or restricted to paths only.
6. Golf carts are never permitted on the shoulder or surface of any tee, green or bunker.

Golf Courtesy and Etiquette

Golf is a game where courtesy and etiquette should always be observed. The following rules should be strictly adhered to for the maximum enjoyment of everyone using the Honesdale Golf Club.

1. Every member is responsible for his/her own guest’s conduct.
2. Please be respectful of private property surrounding the golf course. Under no circumstances shall golf carts be driven on, or any shot played from, other than golf course property.
3. Any damage done to club property must be reported to the Board Chairman or Club Manager.
4. Restitution for such damage must be made in the amount determined by the board of directors.
5. Dogs and other animals are not permitted on club property. Unless otherwise permitted by law.
6. A calendar of events will be posted on the website.
7. Club owned equipment shall not be removed from the premises without the permission of the board of directors.
8. The board of directors shall have the authority to discipline any member not in compliance with the club rules.

Clubhouse and Bar

1. Our hours of operation for regular opening and closing hours of the bar and kitchen shall be posted by the club manager or Board Chairpersons, and will be available on our website at Under no circumstances should anyone be on the clubhouse premises after 3:00 A.M. until opening of the facility thereafter.
2. “Last Call” shall be 30 minutes prior to the closing of the doors (business hours as posted) and all serving will cease 10 minutes after last call.
3. No Profanity – Use of profanity and/or inappropriate behavior is prohibited. The offended party shall be responsible to bring it to the attention of the board of directors.
4. Projector, television, stereo and sound systems – Use of the multimedia systems is to be decided by the majority of the members present under the supervision of the hospitality team member, club manager, or Board Chairpersons.
5. Hospitality team member, club manager, or Board Chairpersons shall have the final authority as to the service of beverages to any member and/or their guests.

Food and Beverages

1. No one shall be permitted to bring food, or prepare food on club property when the kitchen is in operation. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
2. No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted on club property.
3. Alcoholic beverages may only be purchased by members of legal age.
4. Reservations for club events that involve food or meals must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. If not done so, the member will be billed for payment. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the board of directors.
5. A hospitality team member or appointed designee is required to serve any alcoholic beverage on the course at all times, including a mobile beverage cart – during regular play and all tournaments both club sponsored or outside reserved events.

Employees of the Club

1. Under no circumstance shall members reprimand employees, or in any way interfere with the management of the Club. All complaints should be brought to the attention of the board of directors in writing, or at the monthly board of directors meeting.
2. Serious complaints regarding specific employees should be made in writing addressed to the Club President who will notify the board of directors and the complaining member of the corrective action, if any was taken.

Private Parties
(By Members or the Honorary Public)

1. Any person may make reservations with the club manager for private parties. No private parties are to be given when club activities are scheduled. The person (or persons) giving the party are responsible for their guests, and any costs for damages incurred.
2. A fee for use of the dining room or private party shall be determined by the board of directors and invoiced accordingly.
3. Members shall always have access to the locker room/bar/deck area, regardless of private parties in the dining room, unless the private party exceeds the occupancy of the club house, and may require special board approval for the exception.
4. Parties for minors must be sponsored by an adult member and be appropriately chaperoned as determined by the board of directors, board chairpersons, or club manager. The sponsoring adult member will assume responsibility for the minors and any damages incurred.

Minors and Junior Members

1. Junior members and other minors will not be allowed to be seated at the bar at any time. They may, however, use the tables in the bar area, as outlined in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Recommendations and Requirements.
2. Loitering in the bar will not be permitted.
3. Junior members and minors should not loiter in any areas of Honesdale Golf Club.

Guest(s) and Patrons

1. All privileges of the clubhouse shall be available to guests and patrons of members except at the bar for alcoholic drink purchase. Our Club liquor license restricts sales of alcohol to members only.
2. Members having guests are responsible for their guests. Guests must abide by the club rules at all times.


1. The club shall not be responsible for private property left in lockers.
2. All lockers are to be kept locked, clean, and free from damp materials.
3. Rental of lockers is available by first come first serve basis.

Disciplinary Action

Any infractions of a member or guest will be brought to the attention of the board of directors for disciplinary action as permitted in the Honesdale Golf Club By-Laws.

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